DRMA 101 – Intro to Drama

Designer:   Andrew Friedlander Attribution: CC BY

This course focuses on the experience of theatre in performance, the work of theatre artists and theatre traditions and practices in other cultures and time periods.  It is organized in 4 modules:

  1. The Theatre Experience – the theatre in the context of other arts; performance, conventions and interactions; the artists and crafts people involved in theatre production; critical perspectives in the arts
  2. Creating Theatre: The Playwright and the Play – the basics of story telling and playwrighting; the elements of drama, play structure and genre; realism and other dramatic styles in writing and performance.
  3. Creating Theatre: The Director, Actor and Designers – the skills, processes and duties of the director, actor and set, light, costume and sound designers.
  4. A Study of Theatre Traditions – a synthesis of modules 1,2 and 3; the study of theatre traditions and practice of various cultures and time periods.
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