Featured Courses

Here’s a quick peek at a couple courses available through the Open Course Library.

Math 107 – Math in Society

The purpose of this course is to expose you to the wider world of mathematical thinking. There are two reasons for this. First, for you to understand the power of quantitative thinking and the power of numbers in solving and dealing with real world scenarios. Secondly, for you to understand that there is more to mathematics than expressions and equations.

The core course is a complete, ready to run, fully online course, featuring 9 topics: Problem solving, voting theory, graph theory, growth models, consumer finance, collecting data, describing data, probability, and historical counting. Additional optional topics are provided. The course materials can easily be used with a face-to-face course.

Each topic features:

  • Readings from a complete textbook, available in printed form for ~$15, or online for free.
  • A playlist of videos, corresponding to the examples in the text.
  • Exercises available in the book, or algorithmically generated online homework and quizzes are available on WAMAP.org (for Washington faculty) or MyOpenMath.com (for everyone else).
  • Writing assignments, requiring the students to think beyond calculations.
  • For many topics, some in-class activities and paper quizzes are available.

math 107 - graph theory

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PHIL 120 – Symbolic Logic

Course Overview: An introduction to symbolic logic with an emphasis on formal logical languages and natural deduction systems of logical proof. Students learn how to translate reasoning into a symbolic logical language and how to prove arguments valid with the precision of mathematics using formal systems of proof.

This course offers 115 original video lectures on YouTube, a low-cost text, and loads of Powerpoint slides you can modify and make your own.


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