HIST 214 – Pacific NW History

Designer:   Susan Vetter Attribution: CC BY

Course Outcomes

Critical learning abilities that are skills and attitudes to be taught across the
curriculum: Communication, Problem Solving or Critical Thinking, Responsibility, and Global
Awareness or Diversity/Appreciation. To these, we add Information/Technology Literacy,
and Lifelong Learning.

Each week’s folder includes an “Outcomes” item that identifies how these critical learning abilities integrate into your study of the developments/themes of Pacific Northwest history .In this course, you thus learn content and skills/attitudes that you can apply not only in other classes but also in your daily life outside of the classroom long after you complete this course.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:
• Identify the major political, economic, and social developments in Pacific Northwest history and
especially in the state of Washington.
• Integrate the perspectives of different peoples to interpret Pacific Northwest history.
• Describe the Pacific Northwest’s role in the context of American and world history.
• Apply your knowledge of Pacific Northwest history to your life by conducting an oral history and
• by researching and writing about issues in the region today.
• Define current environmental issues in the Pacific Northwest and analyze their historical context.

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