MATH 148 – Business Calculus

Designer:   Shana Calaway Attribution: CC BY

Differential and Integral Calculus of elementary functions with an emphasis on business and social science applications. Designed for students who want a brief course in Calculus.

MATH&148 is a calculus course for business students. It is designed for students who
want a brief course in calculus. Topics include differential and integral calculus of elementary
functions. Problems emphasize business and social science applications. Translating words into
mathematics and solving word problems are emphasized over algebra. Applications are mainly
business oriented (e.g. cost, revenue, and profit). Mathematical theory and complex algebraic
manipulations are not mainstays of this course, which is designed to be less rigorous than the
calculus sequence for scientists and engineers. Topics are presented according to the rule of
four: geometrically, numerically, analytically, and verbally. That is, symbolic manipulation must
be balanced with graphical interpretation, numerical examples, and writing. Trigonometry is not
part of the course.

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