BIOL 241 – Human Anatomy and Physiology 1

Human Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) 241 is the first class in a two quarter sequence in which human anatomy and physiology are studied using a body systems approach with emphasis on the interrelationships between form and function at the gross and microscopic levels of organization. You can think of this course as “An Owner’s Guide to the Human Body”. My goal is to help you learn how your body works so that you can explain concepts to others and apply knowledge to novel situations (e.g. make informed decisions regarding your own health and those whom you care about). You’ll also learn how to evaluate scientific research that forms the basis of our understanding of human anatomy and physiology and gain an appreciation for what remains to be discovered. To accomplish these goals requires significant effort from both of us. Although you will need to commit information to memory, I will ask you to focus on learning for understanding and your assessments will reflect this emphasis.