CHEM 163 – General Chemistry with Lab III

A three-quarter general chemistry sequence primarily for science, pre-professional, and
engineering students. The CHEM& 161/162/163 series introduces the basic concepts
of chemistry: atomic structure and bonding, periodicity, physical measurement,
quantitative relationships, chemical reactivity, oxidation and reduction, stoichiometry,
ideal gas laws, aqueous solutions, colligative properties, intermolecular forces, structure
of matter, equilibrium, acid/base topics, kinetics, thermodynamics, electrochemistry,
nuclear chemistry, qualitative analysis, d-block metals and coordination chemistry, and
an introduction to organic chemistry.

(Note: For the purposes of this project, here is how we have chosen to split up the topics into a
three quarter sequence.)CHEM& 163 General Chemistry III
Nuclear Chemistry
Transition Metals/Coordination Chemistry