ENGL 102 – English Composition II

English 102 is an expository writing course requiring more advanced writing skills than Basic English Composition 101, yet reviewing and incorporating some of the same skills. This course teaches you research skills by emphasizing the development of advanced analytical/critical reading skills, proficiency in investigative research, and the writing of expository and persuasive prose including properly documented and researched argumentative essays. A major component of this course will be an emphasis on the research process or “information literacy”: your ability to locate, evaluate and use information effectively. You also will recognize academic audiences, increase your clarity and objectivity, and adhere to standard formats.

Read: you will concentrate on acquiring knowledge through various means by focusing on a few key understandings to help build and integrate your knowledge. It contains selected materials from a college-level reader, your text, and online sources, as well as videos and PowerPoint presentations.

Learn: you will concentrate on practicing knowledge gained from readings and other sources. This includes written responses to study questions, class and group discussions, online activities, and applicable exercises.

Apply: you will focus on applying knowledge which will culminate in specifically-designed written assignments, such as seminar essays and researched projects and assessments.